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Arab World (Ar/En)

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Arab World (Ar/En)

Illustrations of landscapes, cities and monuments in the Arab World. A welcome gift for your business partners in the Middle East.

• High standard desk calendars, entirely produced in Switzerland

• Envelope and greeting card included

• Corresponding Islamic and Gregorian dates on both sides (one side Arabic & the other side English)



This high quality desk calendar proposes illustrations of landscapes, cities and monuments in the Arab World. Your logo and address are printed on both faces of the stand. Each calendar comes with a greeting card and a carton envelope ready for hand-delivery or low cost postal shipping.

Includes: greeting card & envelope Color: Support: 1. White 2. Blue 3. Green 4. Grey 5. Burgundy 6. Black Size: L: 23.5 cm H: 9.5 cm Weight: 200 g Packaging: 20 kg (100 calendars)


Process: laser Size: H: 35 mm W: 45 mm Location: center and bottom (see Fig)


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1. fm-hd-119-3
Arab World (Ar/En)