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G. Textiles

With beautiful cuts and pretty colors, clothing accessories (jackets, ties, scarves, T-shirts, etc.) are a great opportunity to present a company's brand. A T-shirt with a simple embroidery tone on tone, on the heart, makes it a very personal object.

Stitching a firm's logo on working clothes has become a common practice for many companies. Such garments not only make it easy for customers to identify who they are talking to, but also give the staff the feeling of being part of a team. If you sponsor sports clubs, why not offer accessories for fans that include your logo? You will gain a few appreciable advantages. First, you financially support the club in case these accessories are resold. Second, you gain interesting opportunities to display your logo in public.

We will gladly advise you in the selection of our clothing accessories: T-shirts, jackets, ties, scarves, etc.